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The Mind of A Therapist

Feb 15, 2023

Taylor Aasand is a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist and registered dietitian nutritionist. She has dedicated her career to counseling and pursuing policy change around weight stigma and eating disorder care in Arizona. As a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and having trained with Evelyn Tribole, one of the authors of Intuitive Eating, she enjoys working in partnership with clients to help them heal their relationship with food, exercise, their bodies and by extension, themselves. 
Taylor practices from a weight neutral, Health at Every Size lens; She emphasizes the importance of patient centered care, rather than the medical norm of weight centric care. She strongly believe that weight is only 1 piece of the puzzle, & not something to try to “control."
Taylor is immensely grateful for a career in which she continues to grow and learn each and every day. Taylor's patients have taught her more than she ever knew was possible and the opportunity to help them reconnect with their authentic selves through nourishment is what makes her excited to come to work every day.
Taylor talks about eating disorders, disordered eating, intuitive eating, diet culture, anorexia nervosa, the relationship between GI health and eating disorders, the benefits of eating larger meals earlier in the day, and more.