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The Mind of A Therapist

Feb 8, 2023

Dr. Adrian Fletcher is a psychologist and trafficking survivor with lived experience of dissociative identity disorder (DID). She is also a speaker, consultant, author of One Soul, Multiple Expressions:POEMS BY THE PARTS and host of the mental health podcast Braving the Way with Dr. Fletch. She has been working within the field of mental health for close to two decades, and has recently turned her focus to the community at large. A passionate mental health warrior, she is looking to change the perception around mental health related conditions and is standing up to stigma. She wants to inspire individuals and the community at large to become trauma informed, and to lovingly accept all parts of themselves, regardless of a mental health condition. 

Trigger warning: there is mature content in this episode.
An Infinite Mind:International Organization on DID
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The information shared in this podcast is not a substitute for therapy or any other form of professional mental health or medical care. It also does not constitute a doctor/patient relationship with Dr. Fletcher. The information provided is for education and informational purposes only. If you are experiencing a crisis or need help, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.