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The Mind of A Therapist

Feb 19, 2020

Dr. Earle and Andrew talk about their visions for the podcast.  The conversation touches on their goals of connecting the public with experts in mental health.  Additionally, Marcus touches on striving to answer people's questions about therapy and the problems they face.  This episode also touches on the hopes that this podcast could provide learning opportunities for practitioners and clinicians.  This podcast hopes to provide people with different ideas around approaching the problems of anxiety, shame, depression, and relational difficulties in their lives are discussed.  A value that underlies Psychological Counseling Services is the idea that we are better together.  This collective approach often supports folks in the development of strengths in their lives and we hope that the conversations in these episodes will encourage people to develop solutions to the problems they face. Lastly, the interview touches on the goal of normalizing human problems and consulting counselors in dealing with these problems.

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This podcast was created to provide accurate and authoritative information on the subject matter.  Although we are interviewing licensed therapists, they are not your therapists. This podcast is not intended to serve as direct medical advice and should not be used as a substitute for direct professional help.  It is given with the understanding that neither the host, publisher, guests, or PCS are rendering legal, clinical, or other professional information. If you need a professional, we encourage you to find one. Visit to connect with a licensed clinician near you.