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The Mind of A Therapist

Feb 22, 2023

Michelle Glass is a level three Certified IFS Practitioner, Alternative Counselor, and SoulCollage® Facilitator in Eugene, Oregon. She is the author of the well-received book, Daily Parts Meditation Practice©: A Journey of Embodied Integration for Clients and Therapists and provides DPMP™ workshops at the Annual IFS Conference and around the world, as well as offers support for those wanting to work with the tools of the DPMP™ process.


Having over 15 years of experience with the IFS Model and learning it first from the inside out, Michelle brings a palpable nature of a Self-led / mostly-unburdened system to the world. Becoming acquainted with her parts through healing from a childhood of complex trauma, she like Dick, is “a crusader for the personhood of parts.” Her IFS healing journey and Dick’s interest in her tools birthed the DPMP™ process.


She loves bringing the gifts of intimately knowing her own system to facilitate others, especially therapists and practitioners, in doing so. Her private practice the Listener, LLC, has always been online enabling her to see clients around the world and she maintains a lengthy waitlist. Additionally, Michelle is the editor of the Foundation for Self Leadership's magazine, OUTLOOK.


She has greatly enjoyed expanding her world-wide circle of colleagues and friends through these positions. She is currently on a writing sabbatical to complete her next book which will take readers through a felt sense of a highly-blended system with little access to Self to that of a mostly-unburdened Self-led system.


Michelle wanted me to share some of the survey results she received around the impact of the DPMP™:


The majority of respondents report using the tools for both themselves and with clients. 37% have used it 1-2 years and 31% for 2-5 years; 25% under 6 months, and 12% over 5 years.


Direct comments (all anonymous):

DPMP™ provides something that IFS training does not deeply focus on, and that is the essential whole system integration. Unburdening is not the goal but only the beginning. After an unburdening, there can be a seismic shift inside and DPMP™ provides the tools to feel these changes, listen to parts and have them experience Self really understanding how the unburdening resonates within the whole system. Sometimes these vibrations of change take time to ripple through the whole system and to settle out. DPMP™ is like the radar detecting these vibrations of change and Parts deeply appreciate Self understanding all the big and subtle shifts within the system. New meanings, inner relationships and hope for the future are all understood by Self and this deepens the Self-to-part trust that is needed for deepening the work and finding more deeply hidden exiles. DPMP™ has been essential for my Self-like Managers to really feel Self's presence and help them unblend fully.


Without DPMP™ my system would feel overloaded by all that input, the total number of parts in my system and how much work some parts feel there is to do to heal. The key word for me is 'differentiation' and it is DPMP™ that provides integration of my inner differentiation. DPMP™ allows my parts to experience me listening closely to them, to hear their individual voices, concerns and needs however quiet their voices may be. My system also appreciates the range of tools DPMP™ provides as some parts prefer meditation, others journaling and others are more creative and enjoy the mapping and collaging - there is something for everyone inside. DPMP™ appreciates diversity and is inclusive.


The DPMP™ strengthens relationships between Self and Parts but also between Parts. These deepened Parts relationships allow protectors to give more space and for the healing work to access more deeply hidden exiles.


I have noticed that once I started integrating DPMP™, the trust and connection between me and my parts strengthened much more quickly and expedited the work in my own IFS sessions.


The DPMP™ tools can now be found in the IFS-inspired app called, to help deepen your healing and IFS sessions. You can try a free 30-day trial.


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